Filosofian tuolla puolen – lukupiiri 12.9.

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Dear Friend,

I’m not sure if we had a common understanding. My question, in essence, was why do you wish to be in our group at this stage of your inner development. There is an impression that you are looking for some ”value added” to what you already know. You have said in the meetings that you are not searching. A lot of words are spoken. But what is really exchanged? A certain openness  is needed. We can all learn from each other (what Gurdjieff has called ”reciprocal feeding”) but we need to understand that no one has all the answers. We have to step back from all the words to see what is behind the words. I have also been a words person and have written many things since the 1950s already, but all of that has to be put aside. Words need to come from Essence, not personality. Only then is a direct connection possible. So that is in a way what I was trying to ask.

Take special care,

Lisäksi luetaan seuraava Jacob Needlemanin haastattelu ”Be Ye Lamps unto Yourselves: Interview with Jacob Needleman”, Samuel Bendeck Sotillos > (pdf-tiedosto, joka aukeaa uuteen ikkunaan)

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